About: Rev. James G.W. Fisher - Minister, civil rights activist and Veterans advocate.

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Welcome!  This page has been designed to help you discover more about the role I play with this website.  This includes details about my personal experience working with Rev. C.H. Oliver, a brief bio and my current labors.

- Rev. James G.W. Fisher

Personal Experience

Rev. C.H. Oliver and I worked together for a number of years at the VA Hospital, Manhattan, NY on 23rd Street.  We helped many Veterans there to have the appropriate health care and benefits they deserve. We also worked as activists in the community in Harlem, Brooklyn, Yonkers, Schenectady and other areas to support enforcement of civil rights for many. 

Rev. Oliver was an ambassador, my brother, closest friend and a Father to me for many years.  He instilled in me the desire to carry on with his labors after his graduation.

Wherever I live, the need will always be, to support the pursuit of civil rights and recognition. It matters not whether you are a part of the Black Experience, Native American or Veteran. At the request of Rev. Oliver, I carry on in his labors following his graduation.  I will never have the gift of communication like he possesed, yet will uphold the values he taught me and strive to instill in others.


Rev. Fisher is a unique crossover from current and past labors as a Veteran, seminary graduate ordained minister, counselor, clinical pyschologist, public speaker, pre-emptive analysis / character profile expert, product evaluation expert, editor, governmental social responsibility liaison, cross-pollination marketing specialist, pre-school / kinder teacher, children's books author, father, Nevada State certified Veterans advocate, DAV Chaplain, DAV Chapter Service Officer and a man who understands that women are second only to God and have the controlling interest in life.

Current Labors

- Inter-state Hospital and University evangelist, working with spinal cord injury and mobility challenged patients for adaptive sports and other activities

- Director of spinLife Freedom™ Foundation and editor / product evaluation specialist for the spinLife Freedom™ Foundation, spinLife Freedom™ Approved Product Guide and multiple other websites

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